Three-year-old besties reunite after months apart in lockdown and it’s adorable

A mum captured the adorable moment her son was reunited with his best friend after months apart due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The boys had no idea they were about to see each other for the first time, and their reaction is simply priceless.

As soon as they spot their pal they run to have a big hug while their proud mums look on.

Since meeting at nursery two years ago, the boys, from New York, have been best pals and have missed each other a lot since Covid restrictions were brought in.

At the start of the short clip you hear the boy’s mum ask: “Who do you think we’re meeting?”

None-the-wiser, her little boy replies: “I don’t know.”

When he first spots who he thinks is his best friend, he seems puzzled, unsure that what he is seeing is real.

Before he recognises him and starts running towards him shouting “William.”

Overcome by emotion the two boys hug each other and jump up and down, shocked by the surprise.

In the caption of the video, the mum wrote: “Months have gone by and they both have asked about one another, even went as far as pretending they are actually playing together, reported Kidspot.

“Once things started calming down in the world, we said enough is enough. Our little men shouldn’t have to suffer any longer and we set up a surprise play date.

“We are so happy I got it on camera! It warmed our hearts and gave us something to smile about!” – How adorable is that?